Delicious Romagna

Every week we serve you all the goodness of Romagna at dinner!

If you want to be clear about where you are on holiday, you have to arrive on a Saturday…

... because it is precisely on that day that we raise the curtain on one of the dinners that most characterises us and, above all, one that puts your food destiny in the hands of those whose hands it will be in from then on 😄.

You‘ll realise that diets are not on the menu here, that when it comes to food Anna rules and that the flavour of her dishes will astound you.

It's not just tagliatelle with meat sauce... it's fragrant, delicious and abundant meat sauce enveloping tagliatelle.

It's not just ham, salami and cheese, but a kaleidoscope of fragrant roast potatoes, country-style beans to dip toasted bread into, vegetables au gratin, tasty bruschetta, aromatic sausages and onions.

And when Anna serves you cake she’s baked herself and I fill your glass with Albana wine - because “dunked” cake is really something else - you‘ll say goodbye to the very idea of checking the scales and WELCOME TO HOTEL SOUVENIR.

Tous les samedis soir
A l'Hôtel Souvenir !
... car c'est précisément à cette occasion que le rideau se lève sur l'un des dîners qui nous caractérise le plus