Hi, I’m Barbara….

Of the many hotels on the Riviera of Romagna, why come to Hotel Souvenir?

First of all, for this very reason: because choosing Hotel Souvenir means choosing its owner. Welcome to Barbara's Hotel Souvenir.

I was born at the start of summer in this hotel, and I immediately breathed in the holiday air, the air for fun. In this atmosphere of Romagna and hospitality, it has always been normal to “walk around the tables” and I do so to this day. It’s precisely this strange alchemy, hotel = home = guests = human warmth, that excites me.

Welcoming, surprising and helping others enjoy their holiday is my passion. I spend the months when the hotel is closed looking for “great things”, “good food” and “new ideas for fun”. Returning guests say these are days they can rest from the hustle and bustle of daily life, as they feel on holiday from the moment they get in the car, because they have the peace of mind of no longer having to worry about a thing.

Summer, sun, sea, piadina (the typical flatbread of Romagna) and homemade pasta become real “experiences”: from barefoot aperitif, to theme evenings and outings.

A huge thank you to all the friends who have chosen us for their holidays over the last two summers.

Their appreciation, when they say “we come back to you Barbara because we feel safe'”, rewards the hang-ups for cleaning I’ve inherited from my mum.

It’s no coincidence that the theme for summer 2024 is going to be “Forever Souvenir”. An explosion of celebrations for what continues to be the most beautiful job in the world for me and my staff. Welcoming you, having fun together and experiencing good times to remember. To take home a Souvenir of carefree moments.

All experiences are always included in your stay, BECAUSE DREAMS ARE NOT AN OPTIONAL EXTRA ;-)

In which of these moments will you be one of our protagonists? We look forward to seeing you, sweet dreams to everybody :)


since 1958

Mario + Lidia = Barbara
I owe my passion to my parents, now as then