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More Hotel Souvenir for everyone

Bring home memories that last forever, but first, come and experience them… "come on!"

They say that it's "more holiday" at Barbara's. And also, more relaxation, more parties, more goodness, more fun, more games...

More people that care for each other. A team working to give every guest the best days of the year.
That's why you go on holiday, right?

I’m Barbara, the one in the photo alongside.
You’re no doubt one of those who already know me, so you know what I look like. If, on the other hand, you’re coming here for the first time, this is my smile (it's a real smile, not a fake one...).
I smile because I love life and, above all, I love my job: hospitality.

I'll let you discover Hotel Souvenir on the site, meanwhile I've already got the prosecco ready, because at Barbara's, it’s always the right time for a toast.

I'll be waiting for you in Igea Marina, at Hotel Souvenir, where it’s great to spend time together by the sea.

since 1958

Mario + Lidia = Barbara
I owe my passion to my parents, now as then



More than amenities, we offer bespoke services to make you feel at home. You’ll find everything you need for a peaceful, relaxing and special stay...
Where to find us

You arrive, stop and walk wherever you want

For the beach, go straight ahead until you see the beach huts (a 2-minute walk), for the town centre turn and you're already there. And then, a nice walk and you’ll discover all Bellaria Igea Marina.


The village

Two Souvenirs are better than one!

From summer 2023 the Hotel Souvenir has doubled its spaces! We have in fact expanded beyond the road: now the hotel is made up of two structures, but the passion for feeling good is still the same.

Discover the village