More family-friendly hospitality… at Barbara's

There are many ways to say family, only one way to say holiday: Hotel Souvenir!

So many nuances around a single word that encompasses an entire world... The history of Hotel Souvenir is interwoven with the story of my family: my grandparents helped my parents build and manage the hotel and in 60 years the Souvenir has hosted, delighted and seen at least four generations of guests grow up.

Today, I carry on this important legacy and because of that, every employee who comes here becomes a member of the big Souvenir family. And I’m very happy about that!

There you have it, here at Hotel Souvenir in Bellaria Igea Marina you’ll always find a family

Every summer, guests come back to visit us:

  • Young couples on holiday for the first time;
  • Couples travelling with young children;
  • Couples travelling with older children and grandchildren;
  • Mums and dads travelling alone with their children.

So many beautiful shades of family!

In one way or another, there’s always a child revolving around the holiday or there’s about to be. 🙂 It’s a simple equation. Children are happy if their parents are happy first. Parents are happy if their children are safe. This is the philosophy that guides me when I put the same energy into organising aperitifs and parties for grown-ups and activities for kids.

Let me tell you what we organise to make children and young people feel happy on holiday at Hotel Souvenir:

  • 🐶 Lillo is the mascot of Bellaria Igea Marina and his birthday is on 16 June, during our special children's week at the seaside (which always falls from 10 to 17 June). Did you know that Lillo occasionally visits us at Hotel Souvenir?
  • 🎡 Every day on the beach there’s a fun entertainment programme (for kids aged 3 to 12), and from Monday to Saturday at the hotel after dinner there’s a childcare service available.
  • 🤹‍ A show evening or the “Biologist for a day” experience adds to the weekly programme at the hotel.
  • 🏊‍ Would you like to learn to swim or master the waves of the sea on a Sup? Then get on board and take home the memory of having learnt how to do it here with us!
  • 😋 For kids, an afternoon snack is sacred, we suggest you drop by Hotel Souvenir bar between 3pm and 5pm to try one.