For the sweetest evening: desserts on the roof

A host of desserts prepared by Chef Anna. The thrill of spending time together. The magic of the stars. It’s Desserts on the Roof evening!

Treating people with kindness... Do you already know that besides being our favourite phrase, this is our daily philosophy? 💞💞

Because at Hotel Souvenir in Bellaria Igea Marina, it has always been fundamental for us to gift moments of sweetness to each of our guests. From the moment that we first hear from them on the phone. And who better than Anna, our special cook, to pamper you and give you that feeling of goodness?

She‘s the one who carefully and elegantly cooks up rich trays of delicious desserts, all oft hem homemade 🥯🥞🥐. Some more spicy, some with more caramel and some more chocolatey. Each dessert stands out thanks to certain unique characteristic. They are the metaphor for the summers we spend together: all our peculiarities and the events we organise are the perfect ingredients for replicating that harmony at Hotel Souvenir.

Each cake brings with it a story, an image and a memory we want you to (re)experience. To make it even more magical, every week we serve you delicacies cooked by Anna under the stars, on our top-floor terrace overlooking the sea 🌟✨. The event is included in your holiday. All that remains is to experience this enchantment.

We‘re already up here waiting for you.

On the terrace, on the top floor overlooking the sea
... because every sweet brings with it a story, an image and a memory that we want you to (re)live