Meet the staff of Hotel Souvenir!

Lots of different roles, the same friendly smile

There’s a motto we have at Hotel Souvenir that you must identify with if you want to become part of the team: I smile warmly.
We believe this is the right spirit to have if you want to belong to the extended Hotel Souvenir family, to guarantee everything works well, to create moments of unforgettable serenity and to ensure everyone has the holiday of their dreams.
This is the attitude that unites us under the sign of the Hotel Souvenir that each of us enriches with our own personal talent.

So, let’s get on with the introductions.


is the flagbearer of our motto and her cuisine is living proof of this. Her dishes ooze pure joy in every bite: forget about your diet and say yes to a few sinful choices, after all, you’re on holiday!


 second in command in the kitchen and a key assistant to Anna, whose footsteps she follows with spontaneity; thanks to them, the Hotel Souvenir restaurant is a delight for the senses!


keeps everything in order, like a hard-working older sister, ensuring nothing’s ever missing from the Hotel Souvenir pantry and the kitchen is always stocked with every ingredient necessary.


welcomes you to your new home, as if you’d always been here. Her warm smile at reception is the first of many you’ll receive during your holiday!


with his youthful vivacity and irreverence, is always on hand in the evenings, like an old friend you can have a few laughs with!


and her deep blue eyes, will help check you in – once she’s finished her school-leaving exams – and will always be on hand to ensure you have a carefree holiday from the start.


 is the loyal governess of your room; thanks to immaculately-clean sheets and soft towels, sweet dreams are guaranteed!


is a “housework” tornado; her baby is Altro Hotel, but she often comes here to give us a hand when things start to get really busy in summer!


Then there’s me, maybe we already know each other, maybe we’re meeting for the first time!

The Hotel Souvenir has always been my family’s and I am delighted to tell you that each one of us puts our heart and soul into your holidays by the sea!

Here we all are, ready to welcome you on holiday!