Children’s Special

“Mum, let’s go back to the Hotel Souvenir!”

Dear mums and dads,
but also dear grandparents and uncles and aunts. Here’s a section dedicated to you and your youngsters. Read our invitation to those who are the Hotel Souvenir’s treasured guests: children! And, as we know, from the mouths of babes…

Using fresh ingredients, we prepare broths, creamed soups and meals every day featuring homogenized baby food, cheese triangles and small pasta.
The day also gets off to a great start: fresh milk every day… and every afternoon a “delicious” snack for all our little guests.

“In the dining room we’re served before everyone else and while sitting comfortably on our highchairs we can savour what we like best, on delightfully laid tables.”

Beds with safety barriers and toilet training seats, non-slip mats for using in the shower and tubs for bath-time are also available.

“Children like us just love coming on holiday to the Hotel Souvenir, because there’s an area that’s just for us, where we can play safely while mum and dad chat to each other or to the parents of our new friends”.

And on the beach? A packed programme of entertainment on the beach. Games, slides, play houses and inflatables for all ages.

And for a nice ride with mum and dad there are also lots of bicycles with great child seats available.

But we like the Hotel Souvenir because every moment is special and we are the real stars here! Each year, kids like us ask their mums and dads if we can go back to the same hotel for our holidays and if you’ve never been, do the same with your parents. You’ll feel right at home and have loads and loads of fun!